Practical Legal Drafting Skills – course with an experienced American lawyer and law professor

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    Practical Legal Drafting Skills – course with an experienced American lawyer and law professor

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The Center For American Studies would like to invite you to participate in an intense weekend course with an American attorney and law professor: „Practical Legal Drafting Skills”.
According to the instructor, Prof. Christopher Kelley, „The ability to write is the key to your success as a lawyer. The course will teach you to write using plain and powerful legal English in a way that will make your addressee (court, contractor, opponent) understand your message quickly and correctly.

The „Practical Legal Drafting Skills” training starts on Friday, December 17 at 18:00 and ends on Sunday, December 19 at 17:30. (Training hours are justified by the fact that Prof. Kelley will be teaching directly from across the ocean).
The weekend online training format on the Zoom platform allows the participation of people working full-time during the week.

Because the course is conducted by Christopher Kelley, LL.M., an American attorney & law professor.
Prof. Kelley has extensive practical experience from the office of the Minnesota Attorney General​, leading American law firms (including Arent Fox and Lindquist & Vennum), as well as huge baggage of knowledge gained in the course of teaching international lawyers from all over the world.
As part of the course you will learn to:
• Write clearly using Plain Legal English
• Write succinctly, eliminating unnecessary words
• Write more persuasively, using the strongest, most expressive verbs suited to the specific legal context
• Choose and arrange words in a way that is understandable to your addressee (court, contractor, trial opponent).

DAY 1. Friday (6 pm – 8.15 pm)
1) Why and how you should use plain English and write plainly in your own language
2) How to write more efficiently by eliminating unnecessary words
DAY 2. Saturday (2.30 pm – 6.30 pm)
1) How to write engagingly by using the strongest, most vivid verbs that fit
2) When to use the active and passive voices
3) How to effectively vary the length of your sentences
4) How to arrange your words with care as a lawyer
DAY 3. Sunday (1.30 pm – 5.30 pm)
1) How to choose your words with care
2) How to avoid confusing language and constructions
3) How to punctuate correctly
4) How to use small-scale organization and effectively transition between sentences
*All hours provided are GMT+2 (Berlin/Rome/Warsaw)

Prof. Christopher R. Kelley, LL.M. (USA) is an attorney and professor of law at the University of Arkansas School of Law and a professor at the best law faculty in Ukraine (at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). He earned his Ph.D. in Law from Howard University School of Law and his LL.M. from the Arkansas School of Law.
Prof. Kelley has extensive practical experience from the office of the Minnesota Attorney General and leading American law firms, including Arent Fox and Lindquist & Vennum (for decades appearing in the rankings of the best law firms in the USA).
In addition to lecturing in the United States, Prof. Kelley has frequently lectured for law firms, corporations, and universities in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Lithuania.
Professor Kelley is a graduate of the Fulbright Program and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Fulbright Association. He also sat on the Board of Directors of the Fulbright Academy of Science and Technology.
His international teaching focuses on negotiation, arbitration, and Legal Writing in English.
The course language – due to the nationality of the instructor – is English.

All of our courses are certified. You will be awarded an official digital certificate signed by the Center For American Studies’ President and our Director of Academic Affairs.
You may then print the certificate​ at home, use it to apply for various positions, or simply post it to your LinkedIn. The certificate can be also used as proof of completion of a given number of hours of training (continuing education requirement) mandated by your employer, bar association, or trade chamber.

❗️Early-bird discounted price (if you register until December 5) is 109 EUR❗️
Regular price: 149 EUR

Please register using the following form:
Online link to easy card payments:
Final deadline for registration: December 12, 2021

Please send all of your questions to See you online!