International Interdisciplinary Conference „American Law, Philosophy, Politics & Economy”

American Law, Philosophy, Politics & Economy Int'l Conference

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Center For American Studies and the Koło Naukowe Prawa Amerykańskiego „The American Law Society” are proud to invite you to take part in the 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference „American Law, Philosophy, Politics & Economy”

One of the most important goals of the conference is to discuss the history of shaping and current functioning of the American legal, political, and economic institutions, and therefore the American body politic, through an interdisciplinary prism. The conference encourages and aims at using scholarly achievements of various strains of philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, and law.

We extend our invitation to participate in the conference to all students (undergraduates and graduates, including Ph.D. candidates) and experienced researchers.

The following are examples of presentation contexts from previous years:
– Ch.S. Pierce and W. James’ pragmatism as the philosophical basis of American legal realism;
– the sociological jurisprudence of Roscoe Pound and the social engineering project;
– Roscoe Pound’s dispute with realists (K.N. Llewellyn and J. Frank);
– law in action and critics of the law in books;
– American theories of justice and other legal theories (John Rawls, Robert Nozick, Ronald Dworkin, etc.);
– political philosophy and theory (social democracy, libertarianism, anarchism, republicanism, liberalism, etc.);
– legal, political, and economic thought of the Founding Fathers (Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Washington, Franklin, Adams, Paine, etc.);
– totalitarian doctrines in the United States (fascism, communism, nazism, etc.);
– doctrines of racial segregationism;
– federalism and anti-federalism in the USA;
– the character and corollaries of the New Deal programl
– Reagonomics;
– Pax Americana;
– common law and private means of resolving disputes and bringing to justice (eg in the context of mediation);
– basics and assumptions of the common law system;
– creating and functioning of precedents in the US;
– ADR trend and its impact on thinking about the judiciary;
– position of the American judge in the field of shaping civic attitudes and building a legal culture;
– American institutionalism within economic sciences from the 1920s and 1930s (T. Veblen, J.R. Commons, W. Mitchell);
– institutional Law & Economics theory;
– the public choice theory;
– the New Haven School;
– the role of the United States in the Bretton Woods system
– U.S. dollar as a sociopolitical institution;
– political economy of the Federal Reserve System;
– American theories of economic development (R. Solow, H. Chenery, etc.);
– analytical legal and political philosophy.

The interdisciplinary nature of the conference assumes a wide range of topics. Therefore, we strongly encourage to submit abstracts of original papers that will go beyond the abovementioned list. Speakers can present drafts of their papers but ones that are almost ready for publication. Details on the relevant publication will be provided later.


ℹ️ The fee for active participation: 49 euros / 199 PLN
ℹ️ The discounted fee for participants of the Summer School in American Law, Politics & Economy 2020: 29 euros / 119 PLN
ℹ️ Subsequent submission of the paper presented at the conference will another fee (of approximately 69 euros)
ℹ️Passive participation in the conference is free and does not require prior notification.

Persons interested in active participation are required to send an abstract (including bibliography) to the following e-mail address: until April 1, 2020.

The results of the selection of qualified abstracts will be published by April 6, 2020.
The conference fee is to be paid by April 10, 2020.

The length of the text should be at least 250-300 words. The text should be edited according to the following rules:
– font: Times New Roman, size 12;
– foreign-language phrases in italics;
– interline: 1.5;
– standard margins (upper, lower, left and right: 2.5 cm);
– adjusted.

The text should be in Microsoft Word format (.doc / .docx) or PDF.

* The bibliography should be attached.
* Name, surname and affiliation of the author should be included in the header of the paper.
* We highly encourage PowerPoint presentations – please indicate that you will use one in your abstract (in the header/footer)
* You are also encouraged to send your CV/resume. It’s not mandatory but might serve as a reference during selection of participants


In case of any questions, please to not hesitate to contact us by email:
or through a private message addressed to the American Law Society on Facebook.