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The Center For American Studies and the American Law Society would like to invite you to take part in the online Business and Negotiation Winter Academy!

The Business & Negotiation Winter Academy is an intense academic and developmental program that will take place online over two weekends in February and March 2021 (Feb. 26-28 and Mar. 5-7, 2021).

The Winter Academy is aimed at students and professionals studying and/or working across many disciplines, primarily those who elicit high potential for entrepreneurial and creative activities as well as all kinds of business and community work.

The Winter Academy teaches the fundamentals of negotiation methods & techniques, business-planning, and optimizing procedures in business (including start-ups), modeled on the American approach to entrepreneurship. The Winter Academy equips the participants with the practical skills necessary for idea-fostering and establishing of effective business models in the competitive global economy.

Participation in the Winter Academy will be honored with an official certificate of completion of the program (40 class hours).

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?You will learn the fundamentals of business planning and effective organizational procedures
?You will gain negotiation skills necessary to undertake enterprises in the competitive global economy and learn practical ways of dealing with tough clients and challenging partners
?You will have a chance to meet like-minded students and professionals from all over the world via our online social sessions

The Business &Negotiation Winter Academy will consist of two courses spanning five days of seminars. Though the precise structure of each day will vary, each day will mostly include a lecture, practical exercises in pairs or small groups, and facilitative reviews in larger groups.
Taking place via video conference, this – especially with the negotiation course – will involve the use of breakout rooms to conduct practical exercises and resulting pair feedback. Classes will begin on Fridays at 6 pm CEST and end on Sunday evening.

1️⃣ Negotiation Methods and Techniques
Instructor: Steve Szrom, J.D. Harvard University
Day 1: Introduction to principled, interest-based negotiations.
Day 2: Negotiation preparation.
Day 3: Dealing with difficult negotiators.
Day 4: Establishing structure.
Day 5: Complex negotiations.

2️⃣ Business-Planning from Scratch: Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice
Instructor: Per Bylund, Ph.D. Oklahoma State University
Day 1: What makes a business.
Day 2: Positioning, planning, and pivoting.
Day 3: The role of the entrepreneur in the market economy.
Day 4: Common pitfalls.
Day 5: How to succeed as an entrepreneur.

? Social Events
The Winter Academy will involve voluntary Online Social Events – breakout sessions held at separate online „CFAS Online Integration Chat Rooms” and interactive games (e.g., trivia, cultural presentations, etc.).

Everyone! We welcome applications from students and alumni of all disciplines from all countries. We will welcome your application regardless of your specific educational background as long as you demonstrate your desire to actively engage in each workshop and discussion panels. The program will be held in English so you have to possess requisite linguistic abilities.

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The final deadline for your application is January 3, 2021, but we will be admitting participants on a rolling basis. It is highly advised that you apply as early as possible since the number of participants is limited due to the practical character of the Academy (note that if you get accepted before the final deadline you will be requested to pay the participation fee earlier in order to reserve your spot).

Early-bird fee: 129 euros (if you apply before December 1, 2020)
Regular fee: 149 euros (if you apply before January 3, 2021)

Apart from participation in the seminars, the price covers the Winter Academy self-study materials.

• December 1, 2020 – early bird deadline (129 EUR participation fee)
• January 3, 2021 – final deadline for submitting your application
• January 10, 2021 – final decision on your application (however, note that we are admitting on a rolling basis)
• January 15, 2021 – final deadline for the Business and Negotiation Winter Academy fee (for those accepted earlier, there will be an earlier deadline)
• February 26-28 and March 5-7, 2021 – the Business & Negotiation Winter Academy (starting on Friday at 6 pm CEST)

If you want to know more about the Center For American Studies go to our website:

If you have any questions regarding the Business & Negotiation Winter Academy, please send us a message on Facebook or send us an e-mail at

We are looking forward to receiving your application.
See you (online) in February!